Garden Grove Accident?

Who is Your Legal Advisor?

Choosing a personal injury lawyer who was born in Garden Grove Hospital, is a much better choice than hiring an out of state, cable TV lawyer. Ehline was born in Garden Grove, knew B-1 Bob Dornan, and has also worked in Garden Grove. Local lawyers are typically much better liked and trusted in the local Orange County courts; and they are obviously more familiar with the OC judges and juries. A local, respected Garden Grove catastrophic insurance claims lawyer is always necessary when you have suffered and are dealing with huge bills, collectors and hospitals. The last thing you want to be doing is battling over the phone with insurance adjustors.

Ways We Can Help

Ehline, can be most helpful to you and your family, when you want to prevail in your lawsuit against the evildoer(s) who hurt you. Using a lawyer who is a native, who is all American and a former U.S. Marine, and even an avid bicyclist, is important when going up against tough insurance company. You also want to choose a legal advocate who has handled many negligence claims from motorcycle, to airplane and cruise ship injuries. Transportation injuries are among just a few of the areas we practice law. If you suffered an eye injury, serious burn or electrocution contact us today.

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We are nationally recognized and run by a former U.S. Marine. We have a do or die attitude and we have no win no fee policy. This is our commitment to those hurt due to the wrongdoing of bad people.

Law Firm Information for Garden Grove

Michael Ehline of Ehline Law firm can make those who would scoff at your legal rights squirm. He is a famous accident lawyer and is local to many OC communities. Ehline is also an experienced and respected lawyer. If you would like the Garden Grove injury attorneys at the Ehline Law Firm to consult with you about your potential insurance claim, contact Ehline here at our website or by phone at 888-400-9721